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The installation- professionally carried out

You are just about to get your EV charger up and running. A qualified electrian will proceed to install the charging station and may provide a quote for an additional work. No obligations, you decide.

Why professional installation is better for you

Trained experts are here to ensure your comfort and carefree experience. The Unevers team takes all the hassle so you can just plug and charge your EV safe and smooth.

Certified professional installation

It's like trusting a qualified car shop to take care of your vehicle. With professional EV charging station installation we unsure your personal safety and carefree experience as all the work is carried out by the Unevers certified specialists. We follow the standards and best installation practices combined with your personal preferences.

Custom on-site solutions

Every place has its own specifics. Every person may have their own preferences. The Unevers team enjoys to offer and provide the most suitable solutions, materials and design for your installation. We love to make it fit the local environment and look nice and natural. Now you can be a master of your own mobile energy and have it your way.

Piece of mind and added value

Electric mobility is a new world. New skills and expertise is needed. The Unevers team is building a world of new knowledge, efficient transport, EV charging stations network and devoted support since 2010. Relying on such expertise makes your e-mobility experiense smooth and safe.

Are there any additional costs?

From the multiple installations the Unevers team has done, we are able to quickly outline any special needs and costs that might arise in your charging station(s) installation process.

Digging to lay cables

When there's no power line to the spot you want your charger.

Penetration of walls

Oftentimes cables need to get through walls and basements.

Special equipment

This is when RCD and circuit breakers are required for safe operation.

More power

If you want a 22 kW charger but don't have the power it must be requested by the operator.


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