The Unevers lets you benefit from years of e-mobility expertise

Everything we've learned about the electric mobility, continuously improved, is readily available to ensure you get great consulting, purchase, installation, service and support.


Discuss your desires and preferences.


Propose the best solutions for your needs.

Planning & design

Put together specifics and outline process.

Deliver & support

Build your EV charging place and regularly ask for your feedback.

The Unevers services guide

From consulting to taking care of the whole charging stations installation process, here's our expert services for you.

Discuss & plan

We work together with you to realize custom-fit solutions for your electric car charging experience suited to your personal requirements.

Design & offer

Applying all the skills and knowledge we've gained through hundreds of installations we design your individual charging solution tailored to your needs.

Organize & Install

With the initial information on hand we present design ideas, discuss with you, decide on the setup and start planning according to your requirements.

Support & Maintanance

Time to make a professional installation of your EV charger(s) and make sure you have a continuously smooth experience.

Here's the process in details

You're involved, we just provide with the right tools to get the job done so you really like it all the way.

- - -

Initial Analysis

Meeting you for initial discussion of on-site specifics and create a plan for the process. Next step is to guide you in choosing the most appropriate solution for your individual needs and answer your EV charging related questions.

Location Checkup

We check the current electrical installation, power availability and possible installation issues. This initial inspection helps us to prepare project plan and documentation to present to you for further discussions.

Project Offer

The Unevers team proposes the best charging infrastructure solution based on your requirements and location specifics. Then we proceed further with your individual offer to discuss schedule, costs, task time and the organization of the process.


Time to put your charging station to work. With your convenience in mind we arrange for quality, safe and reliable installation based on electrical system on-site. This may include laying cables and mounting circiut breakers and Residual curernt devices.

Test and Activation

Once installed we activate your new electric vehicle charging station and perform series of tests with a special tester and double check by charging our own service electric vehicle. This is an important step that guarantees safe and smooth device operation.

Training and usage

Our trained assistant will guide you all the way through the process and answer all your questions. But not only this. When all is set and ready we provide free instructions and training so you can operate your new EV charging stations safely and easily. You get a all the documents and a service contract. Plus a very dedicated support you can rely on.

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