Install EV chargers. Attract new customers.

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Attract new customers by building charging networks with competitive services

Start deploying networks of Unevers charging stations and provide special electricity rates to EV owners.

Map your business

Position your hotel or restaurant in the leading map services and navigation system

Added values

Increase your coverage and attract more guests with electric cars

Eco friendly

Present your hotel or restaurant as environmentally aware and sustainable

Receive additional points in the hotel classification system and positive reviews for an electric car charging station

Get more services

Take advantage of the full service package from Unevers

Get ahead

Become more attractive than other competitors and earn customer loyalty.

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How ev charing adds value to your business

Unevers team is thrilled to meet and inform you about the business models and benefits. Let's start with some guidelines.

What are your devices advantages?

Unervers devices are very easy to recognize, can be custom branded with your logo or design or show your videos on a large full HD interactive screen. In addition you benefit from a very solid aluminium/tempered glass workmanship and high quality electrical components.

What are the installation procedures?

It depends on location and premises and can be quick and simple, but sometimes more complicated and time consuming. Uneverse team is ready to consult you and provide installation tips and services.

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What sotware and apps do you provide?

Unevers chargers come with custom web panel interface including multiple features like real time charging stats, device information, power management, payments solutions and more. Our backend can be integrated with your software solutions.


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