Install EV chargers. Attract new customers.

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Real benefits for your hotel, restaurant or coffee shop

You can instantly attract new customers when you install EV charging stations from Unevers

Map your business

Position your hotel or restaurant in the leading map services and navigation system

Added values

Increase your coverage and attract more guests with electric cars

Eco friendly

Present your hotel or restaurant as environmentally aware and sustainable

Facilitate your charging

Easily operate your own EV fleet and provide ease of access to employees, suppliers and partners.

Get more services

Take advantage of the full service package from Unevers

Get ahead

Become more attractive than other competitors and earn customer loyalty.

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How ev charing helps your business

Unevers team is thrilled to meet you and provide even more insights and benefits.

When will new customers start coming?

From our experience once you install charging stations and especially when we blog about it, people start coming in almost instantly as they look for convenient places to charge their EVs.

What are the installation procedures?

It depends on location and premises and can be quick and simple, but sometimes more complicated and time consuming. Uneverse team is ready to consult you and provide installation tips and services.

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How would customers pay for charging?

The quick and easy way is to join the Uneverse and become a partner. We take care of the billing, but can also incorparate your or third party solutions. You can also decide to attract customers by provided free EV charge.


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