Install EV chargers. Attract new customers.

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Real benefits for car dealerships and fleet operators

By installing EV charging stations on your parking lot you attract new customers for EV models. Fleet operators benefit by adding charging infrastructure from Unevers, to conveniently charge growing EV fleets.

Map your business

Position your car dealership on leading map services and navigation systems.

Added values

Increase your coverage and attract more customers with electric cars.

Eco friendly

Present your automotive business as environmentally aware and sustainable.

Facilitate your charging

Easily operate your own EV fleet and provide ease of access to employees and partners.

Get more services

Take advantage of the full service package from Unevers.

Get ahead

Become more attractive than other competitors and earn customer loyalty.

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Get some quick answers

Answering some of the most asked questions, Unevers team is thrilled to meet you and provide even more insights and benefits.

What is the installation procedure?

It depens on your premises. Uneverse team is ready to consult your company for the most appropriate installation procedure. Generally, wall mountings are easier and requie less preparation. Unevers covers all types of installations. Please contact us.

How many cars can charge at one station?

Unevers produces single and double AC charging stations. This way, up to two EVs can be charged at one device. Double units manage and balance the electric power between simoultaneously charging EVs. You can also order special unit(s) for up to 4 electric vehicles.

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What are your devices advantages?

Unervers devices are very easy to recognize, can be custom branded with your logo or design or show your videos on a large full hd interactive screen. In addition you benefit from a very solid aluminium/tempered glass workmanship and high quality electrical components.


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