Welcome to the Unevers

We make electric transport uneversal


Innovation drives us constantly in shaping a new sustainable electric transport future for the world

Unevers team has a focused mission. We design, create and supply the world with modern e-mobility solutions for a cleaner and sustainable life. We make the electric mobility uneversal by spreading the word and building e-mobility infrastructure. Founded in 2010, The Uneverse group is a world class e-mobility products manufacturer and a growing network for a new travel experience.

We produce premium ev charging stations

From the chassis and housing design and finish, through in-house communication module and proprietary construction, everything is made by the Uneverse team in a dedicated facility.

In-house development

Proprietary system design, layout and production.

Dedicated facilty

Research, Development and production in a dedicated facility.

Expert team

With more than 10 years of combined e-mobility expertise Unevers team provides professional solutions.

Wide network

Unevers is an wide network of expertise, production, mapping, media, clubbing – all in one true e-mobility experience.


The foundation of the Unevers

We produce and build charging infrastructure, EV solar charging installations and share our e-mobility expertise.


E-mobility Infrastructure Building

We design and produce innovative smart charging stations for electric vehicles. Next we install and build infrastructure. Then we control it with our in-house e-mobility software. This creates the Unevers network.


EV Solar Charging Systems

To make electric vehicles charging even cleaner we design and build EV solar charging stations. From small carports to factory roof solutions solar systems deliver clean electricity for private cars and company fleets.


E-mobility Expertise & Consulting

When you need a trusted and skillful partner to get into the world of electric mobility our expertise empowers you to apply innovative and sustainable solutions. Let us be a reliable e-mobility consultant for your business growth.


Stefan Chanev &
Martin Hadjistoikov

Founders of The Unevers

There's only one future worth living and working for - cleaner, healtheir and brighter. Since 2010 Martin & Stefan share their vision and help progressing to a world of electric-mobility, healtheir life and sustainable technologies.

The Unevers team

Meet the creative force that makes electric mobility uneversal


Stefan Hadzhistoykov

Media Director

Jordan Marinov

CAD constructor

Marian Marinov

Production Manager

Duimitar Petrov

IT developer