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We produce and build charging infrastructure, EV solar charging systems and share our e-mobility expertise. Our chargers at a glance:



From 3.7 kW single phase to 43 kW three phase AC, IDA SMART can charge every EV on the market.


Wirelessly connected to our servers or via API to your's, it's a realtime networking device.

Secure Payments

Working with trusted financial partners guarantees safe and quick online payments. EV Charging payents made easy.


Have your logo printed and light it in your favourite color. All part of the custom design and production options we offer.

Network ready

Scalable to serv a lot of EVs. 10, 20, 50... ready to work in series, operated by our smart system for optimal charging.


Have it your way – choose housing finish, glass background, designer stand or special setup.

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